Boris Johnson is Unfit for Office and Must Resign

Yesterday, MPs returned to Parliament after the Supreme Court found Johnson’s proroguing of Parliament unlawful.

The Prime Minister, who had insisted that the suspension of the House was not about Brexit, has since said that the Court’s decision has made securing a deal harder.

The Court’s verdict – that Boris Johnson gave no ‘good reason‘ to suspend Parliament – implies not only that the Prime Minister lied to the Queen about his true motives, but that he abused his power.

This would normally be reason enough for a premier to resign. But instead of stepping down from the post, the unelected Prime Minister unleashed his wrath on Parliament.

Attacking opposition MPs for apparently trying to block Brexit (though Labour’s stance is to stay neutral should a second referendum occur), Johnson claimed that the Court’s ruling was ‘wrong‘, despite earlier saying it was a decision he would respect.

Where the majority of politicians ruled as having broken the law would step down from their post, Johnson instead challenged Labour to ‘stand aside’ for an election or face a ‘day of reckoning‘. Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition, has repeatedly said he would agree to an early General Election only after the Conservatives either secure a Brexit deal or an extension.

A Prime Minister who consistently uses which fuels far-right rhetoric and denies the validity of death threats received by MPs is not fit to be Prime Minister and must resign.

Further acting inappropriately and unprofessionally, Johnson has been accused of inciting hatred and violence toward Members of Parliament through his political rhetoric and language, branding a bill to rule a No Deal Brexit unlawful the ‘Surrender Bill’and using divisive, inflammatory language such as ‘betrayal’ and ‘traitor’, yesterday pointing to the Opposition and saying ‘they’ want to ‘betray’ the ‘people who sent us here’.

Challenged by Paula Sherriff MP who requested he dial down his hateful rhetoric, Johnson replied that threats to MPs are ‘humbug‘. This dismisall of concerns of threats against particularly female MPs hauntingly echoes Nigel Farage’s claims that Leave won the Brexit vote ‘without a single bullet being fired’ just days after Jo Cox MP was assassinated by a far right extremist.

In the same shameful parliamentary session, the Prime Minister said that the best way to honour the memory of Cox, who campaigned for Remain, is to ‘get Brexit done’.

A Prime Minister who consistently uses divisory, inflammatory language which fuels far-right rhetoric and denies the validity of death threats received by Labour or Remain MPs is not fit to be Prime Minister and must resign.

Currently, Britain is set to leave the European Union in just over a month, on the 31st of October. Johnson does not appear any closer to securing a deal.

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